The Trust is working for its cause with utmost dedication and without any monetary gain.
Trust is arranging programmers of Indian Classical Music at Surat. Senior as well as budding artistes from all over India are invited to perform their art. Interested person, students are invited free of cost. Wellknown artistes viz Pujya Acharya Shree Gokulutsavji Maharaj Shree(Vocal), Sushree Manjuben Mehta ( Sitar), Pt Vishvamohan Bhatt(Mohan Vina) pt. Arun Kashalkar (Vocal) Pt. Ulhas Kashalkar (Vocal) Sushree Veena Sahas (Poetry recital programmes) rabuddhe (Vocal) Sushree Ashvini Bhide- Deshpande (Vocal), Pt, Gajendra Baxi (Vocal ) have performed on the platform of Pranav Parijat.

Trust is also inviting budding artistes at its concerts.  

  • Trust is arranging GARBA- FOCK DANCE – programme once in a year and 30/40 girls are given training.
  • Trust is arranging Kavi Sammelan.
  • Trust is conducting Seminars Training Camps for the benefit of students of music.
  • Trust is conducting Music Classes and  imparting training to students of Indian Classical Music without charging any fees.
  • Trust is providing Books Pre Recorded cassettes,C.Ds. of wellknown Artistes.
  • Trust is maintaining rich library of Books C.D.: Cassettes for students.
  • Training is imparted with the help of ultra modern equipments like Computers, Sound systems, Projectors, Audio Video equipments.
  • Guru – Shishya Parampara is adopted in imparting training.
  • Trust is publishing Audio – Viseo C.Ds. for students and the same are given to them.
  • It is the practice of the trust to arrange at least 6 programmes in a year.
  • Trust is going to start Distance Vocal – Training programme very soon.